The Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel

We are an organization of over 1,400 Louisiana lawyers who are primarily engaged in the defense of civil litigation. Founded in 1963, the LADC endeavors to create quality CLE tailored to individual practices while educating and training our members. We have enjoyed spectacular growth and today provide our members with monthly updates on case law through our newsletter. We present educational programs and training throughout the year to provide our members with the knowledge and skills to be among the top litigators in the region. We are proud to be one of the largest defense-lawyer organizations in the United States, and to have been recently selected as the outstanding defense organization in the country by the Defense Research Institute.

~ Let LADC remind you of what a community of colleagues can achieve! ~

The LADC Announces the Creation of the Amicus Brief Committee

Years ago the LADC had an amicus brief committee that evaluated requests for the LADC to participate and file an amicus brief in important cases.  We found that the types of cases in which the LADC could comfortably participate were very limited.  In fact, the last brief filed by the LADC was in 2000, addressing an issue of bad faith damages. After considerable deliberation at several Board meetings, at the most recent Board meeting in Shreveport on Feb. 18, the Board approved the proposal below as an amendment to the LADC bylaws, re-establishing the amicus brief committee. Click on the link above to read the entire section of the by-laws explaining the Amicus Brief Committee and to learn more.

President Phelps Gay's Trip to Charleston - Register Now!

We’re gonna pass a good time in beautiful Charleston, S.C., America’s top tourist destination. From our headquarters in luxurious Belmond Charleston Place Hotel, you’ll be steps away from the city’s historic parks, churches, and museums, not to mention antique shops and world-class restaurants. Tours of Fort Sumter, in the middle of Charleston Harbor, will be available, and we’ll hold our final night dinner at the ornate Old Exchange, where Charlestonians once hosted a man named George Washington. As usual, Professors Corbett and Ciolino are designing a first-rate CLE program, and we’ve confirmed a special event at the federal courthouse where U.S. District Judge Richard M. Gergel will tell us the inspirational story of Judge J. Waties Waring, after whom the building is named. Our Chief Justice Bernette Johnson has kindly agreed to attend our meeting, and we expect other prominent Louisiana judges to be in that number. So please sign up and enjoy a few days with your LADC colleagues in one of America’s most interesting cities. Register here!