LADC Finance Committee

The Finance, Investment and Budget Committee shall be composed of three officers: The First Vice President, who shall serve as chairman, the Second Vice-President and the Secretary-Treasurer, and such other members of the Board as may be appointed by the President. The Committee shall determine which funds of this Association are not needed for the immediate operation of the Association, and shall cause such funds to be invested consistent with policies adopted by the Board. The Committee shall report on the status of the Association’s investments and finances at each Board meeting and when otherwise directed by the President or the Board. The Committee, in conjunction with the Executive Director, shall develop an annual budget, which shall be effective when approved by the Board. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly. The Committee may meet in person or otherwise.

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First Vice President:
Dennis Blunt
Phelps Dunbar
[email protected]
Second Vice President
Jimmy Ordeneaux
Plauche, Maselli, Parkerson

[email protected]

Elizabeth Carmody
Cook, Yancey, King, & Galloway, APLC
[email protected]

(Updated July 2023)